Winning Poker Hands – Which Ones Should You Play?

Every time the hands are dealt, a player would always look for winning poker hands. It is the hand that would almost guarantee a win and the pot you could get would only depend upon the way you play it. But, how do you identify the hands that would bring home the gold? Or maybe even a couple more chips?

This would all depend upon the stage or the state of the game or the tournament. In the early part of the part of the game, the goal is to survive the first few blind levels. When the game and tournament progress, that’s when it is best to attack and be the aggressor; however for now the main objective is to survive. The hands that you should play in the early part are tight hands. AA, KK, QQ, JJ and AK are the winning poker hands to play in the beginning to be safe and survive to the later part of the tournament. TT and 99 are not as good but are also good bets to play Mysport99 .

When the blinds have increased around four to six times, this is the middle stage of the game. The players should only be around 5 or 6 left. In the middle stage, you would want to start to become aggressive and build a large chip stack in preparation of the later stage and be able to take out the first place. The winning poker hands for this stage of the game are the same as stated for the first part but now you can play suited AQ and unsuited AQ. Suited and unsuited KQ are also hands to play in this stage and any number pairs are good hands.

The later stage is when there are less than 5 people left in the game. This becomes a bit tricky and chip stacks are becoming smaller because of the blinds would be incredibly high. This is why it is important to build up a large stack in the middle part of the game because the pressure of the blinds wouldn’t be that big compared to the other players with smaller stacks. Most likely, unless the other players have a big stack of chips they would play passive. In this case, you would want to stay aggressive and keep the pressure on the other players. The winning poker hands for this stage are AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, KQ, JK, JQ, KT, AT, TJ and any other pair cards.

Stay safe and survive for the first part and become the aggressor later on and keep up the pressure. Building up from the beginning would could make a really big difference in the outcome of the game. Be patient and wait for the winning poker hands and you would be able to win games one by one and become a poker champion. Just remember that it is important to keep practicing playing poker. It is essential to practice and gain experience to get the best result out of the winning poker hands.

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