Not like a traditional casino

In gambling chats and news groups, poker players are more concerned about the use of “bots,” or card-playing machines, which are available on many commercial gambling sites. Many players feel certain that many gambling portals are successful because they use these programs. These programs can beat even the best players, and even beginners. While you can often spot the weak points of your rival, identify his strategy, and make predictions, in a traditional casino there’s no way to know if your competitor is a human. However, a virtual gaming room is not like a traditional casino Sbobet.

If this is true, then the proliferation of poker bots capable to beat an average player could pose a serious problem for the poker sector. The business could suffer if it is not possible to create a system that verifies the identity and “humanity”, of online casino card players. This is the opinion of both players and gambling experts who are keen to see on-line games grow.

Some skeptical people believe that the creation of a program that can instantly respond to your opponent’s cards and read their cards using screen scanning techniques is decades away, due to the complexity of the game. Supporters of this view point to the multitude of commercial programs that claim they can help players, but which have no real effect. But there’s an easy solution to all of these objections. A Canadian University of Alberta computer poker research group developed an artificially intelligent automaton named “Vex Bot”. This robot can play poker with up to two players at master level. As the foundation for a tutorial program in poker, the new system has been tested to see if it can handle the challenges of artificial intelligence. After the news of robot creation was reported in media, creators started to receive letters from concerned parties stating the danger of using the system for illegal gambling.

Darse, who is the lead designer for “Vex Bot”, thinks the probability of bots being used commercially is about 50:50. But he also believes that every modern program can not match his creation. It is the result of 10 years of research and collaboration by a group of specialists.

Billings stated, “The strategy of a game is hard and to sit down with a program capable of beating a table full of experienced human players it is no easy task.” He believes that the greatest hurdles lie in the lack of information available to players and the need to allow the program to employ different strategies at different times. This is exactly why artificial intelligence was included to the system. The system can not only determine probabilities but also align logic and model its opponents behavior.

According to creators of “Vex Bot”, the robot’s main advantage is its inability to feel fear, shame, and emotions. He will be indifferent to even the most aggressive player.

Journalists studying the problem with poker boats find it difficult to see the whole picture due to the refusal of many operators to answer questions on the topic. There are not many programs that can monitor suspicious poker sites and detect unusual game patterns.

CryptoLogic Company representative commented on the problem and mentioned that some players who were suspected of using boats were banned from participating in member sites. Sometimes it is impossible to determine if a player is human or robotic. But a company, which exposes all unusual strategies, prefers being reinsured to protect itself from possible socializing and bots.

When professional poker players talk about the popularity and benefits of poker bots, they mention how beneficial it can be. The program allows you to play 25 different casinos simultaneously, two tables per table, and earn $1000 an hr. Even if you only play $10-20 per hand, the program will allow you to make as much as $1000 per hour. Participants in many gambling chats feel dismay that the computer programs have taken over interactive poker. Skeptics think poker will remain popular despite all of the threats made by programmers. Skeptics believe that it’s only a matter for time before people start creating their own bots to be remembered. However, all of these efforts are doomed to fail.

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